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scitec nutrition

SciTec Nutrition - EAA + Glutamine

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 Provides Essential Amino Acids in a great tasting product.

  • 4250 mg EAAs (including BCAAs)
  • 2000 mg L-Glutamine.
  • Zero sugar.
  • Vegan product (fermented amino acids)

    EAA + Glutamine formula provides the most valuable essential amino acids, which are indispensable for Training and Fitness, because they cannot be synthesised by the body and therefore must be supplied by the diet.

    Adding these into your supplement regimen – especially around or during your workout – is a great way to ensure that the body has optimal levels of its building blocks, the amino acids!

    EAA+GLUTAMINE also tastes fantastic. 

    Add VITARGO for an all out Performance Drinkable.