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Reflex Nutrition

Reflex Nutrition - Vegan Protein

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Product Information

Vegan Protein™ is made from pea protein ( Nutralys ). Taken direct from fresh peas grown, Vegan Protein™ is free from genetic modification, nitrogen fertilizers, gluten, soy and chemicals.

Peas are a fantastic source of protein, which are just as good as animal protein sources. In fact, pea protein contains more BCAA's than egg white protein, almost double the amount of amino acid arginine to whey, and higher amounts of amino acid glutamine than both egg white and whey protein.

Vegan Protein™ is sweetened with natural plant-based stevia. We then add vegan Digezyme® digestive enzyme complex and LactoSpore®, a friendly bacteria, making it an easy-to-digest shake.

Anything else?

Available in 2.1kg tubs, with 84 servings.

No artificial sweeteners or sugars