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Named Sport

Named Sport - Isonam Energy

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NAMEDSPORT are market leaders in the world of high-performance sports drinks, combining pharmaceutical expertise with racing knowledge straight from the WorldTour peloton. The Isonam Energy Mix is an advanced food supplement - containing 480 grams of powder - designed to be mixed with water in order to create an isotonic sports drink that provides all the fuelling you need both before and during intense physical activity.


Can be taken BEFORE and DURING exercise

Isotonic drink with maltodextrin, minerals, vitamins, creatine and ginseng for energy and hydration.

  •  Isotonic for rapid absorption and restoration of the hydrosaline losses due to sweating
  •  With 100% pure Creatine Creapure® quality (3g per serving)
  •  Magnesium promotes good muscle function and helps prevent cramping
  •  Potassium plays a role in muscle functionality
  •  Vitamins C and B6 help combat tiredness, fatigue and promote energy metabolism
  •  Ginseng can have a positive effect if feeling fatigued. Perfect for hydration and performance during endurance exercise.